The JKLU Innovation Challenge is an initiative
to help unleash our immense strength and potential for innovation especially among the younger generation – the students in schools.


JKLU Innovation Challenge – 2019

The JKLU Innovation Challenge is an initiative to provide a platform for the young minds of our nation, where they unleash their immense potential for innovation and problem-solving. This innovation challenge is designed for the young generation thinkers and innovators – the school students

About JKLU Innovation Challenge

With a vision to provide an engaging platform to young innovators, inventors, change makers, problem solvers or anyone with a spark of creativity we are launching the 2nd edition in association with Atal Incubation Centre at JKLU.

JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) Jaipur believes that the key to innovation lies not only in big labs, research organizations and large corporations but also in the minds of millions of our youth. Innovation is the habit that needs to be cultivated in young minds if any nation has to make a mark on innovation. The JKLU Innovation Challenge is an initiative to help uncover the potential of our school students. The University has chosen to espouse this initiative given its own ethos of innovation and learning-by-doing, a theme it follows in all its programmes, pedagogy and research. We truly believe that the solutions to some of the biggest challenges the world is facing today can begin with small ideas brought forth by driven, young students.


The format of the competition is such that students, guided by their teachers and mentors, will describe, conceptualize, and build on an innovative idea in selected areas of social importance. Students can further give shape to their ideas through prototyping by using the facilities provided by JK Lakshmipat University and demonstrate them. It can be in the form of a prototype model, a video, a photo story, drawings or a document.

Innovations invited to 2-day fully paid residential training to realise the ideas further.

Mail to for submission of ideas.

Theme of the Challenge

Find Solutions for tomorrow, today.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) brought together over 150 country leaders in September 2015 to discuss and identify some of the biggest issues that the world needs to address by the year 2030. It identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals that all nations must focus on to help overcome the three largest problems of the world – poverty, injustice and climate change.

The 17 goals identified were-

The Problem Statement

“An idea to solve a problem in your surrounding, community and environment falling under SDGs in form of prototype, video, photo story, drawing or Document.”

The participating students/teams can provide solutions for any one or more of the goals implementable at the world, national, state, city or community level.

How to use this challenge to trigger innovation

At JKLU, we believe that anything which improves or finds a better way of doing things is an innovation. If the solution makes it easier, faster, better, more sustainable or reduces the resources required for achieving the same result, it is an innovation. It may also involve finding a new useful application for something that already exists; a new useful service which utilizes an already available technique or resource, a modification in a product to enhance its use or even a new business model.

Things you and your team could think about

Our students are always bubbling with ideas and an innovative thought process. This indicated that if we can ignite a spark in the minds of school students, they could help change our world. Hence, we thought to guide the students towards directing their thought process for bringing out innovation and therefore change.

With the mentioned SDG goals as a context, there are some ways you can think through – What if we could ensure that every child in our city or state goes to school? How would we do that? What if we could reduce the carbon footprint of India by finding a new mechanism of sustainable fuel use? What if every household could use and depend on renewable energy? What if every waste in my community could be put to more productive use? What if we young people in our country had a way of getting equal opportunities to be skilled for a desired job?

Awards & Prizes.

We would be awarding innovative solutions in the following categories-

  • Most innovative idea.
  • Marketable Innovation.
  • Easily implementable innovation.
  • Best demonstration of use of material.
  • Most innovative idea for social impact.
  • Most innovative idea for environmental impact.
  • Frugal innovation.



Special prize to the school, for maximum number of participation.


Special prize for the inspiring teacher mentor.

Jury Members

Pramath Raj Sinha

Founding Dean, Indian School of Business

R.L. Raina

Former Dean, IIM Lucknow
Fulbright Scholar, SIS Fellow
Vice Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University

Asheesh Gupta

Industry Scholar, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures
Former Director, McKinsey Knowledge and Capability Centres, India
Pro-Vice Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University

Sanjay Malhotra

Managing Director, Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited

Vineet Joshi

Former CBSE Chairperson, Director General of the National Testing Agency

Shreyasi Singh

Former Managing Director, Inc India

Sanjay Shrivastava

Business Head, Mahindra World City

Vishal Malik

Director of Operations and Administration- McKinsey India

Bhawani Shekhawat

CEO-The Akshay Patra Foundation

Toolika Gupta

Director Indian Institute of Craft & Design

Dheeraj Sanghi

Professor of Computer Science, IIT Kanpur
Former Director, LNMIT, Jaipur,
Director, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh


1) What is JKLU Innovation Challenge?

JKLU Innovation challenge is a platform to bring out innovation from class 11th & 12th standard students. Given their un-biasnees towards various challenges they can propose innovative solutions which may not have been thought before and can motivate us to look for solutions which are not available yet.

2) Are you here for your University’s marketing?

No, JK Lakshmipat University is a corporate University, which focuses on individual attention and growth of students, which is possible only with smaller number of students. And for that we are not required to extensive marketing.

3) What is our(School’s) benefit in this?

Be part of a national network of schools who are looking to promote their students in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. Certificate for participating schools, mentors and students. Access to various workshops, bootcamps, and training program for teachers and students.

4) There should be something for every participants, its okay if prize money reduces?

We have increased our prize categories in 2nd Edition. This year every participant will get certificate, and have the possibility of winning diverse category prizes.

5) When & Where this competition will held?

First stage of competition is virtual, where participant can submit their proposal on mail. Once shortlisted, top teams will be invited to JKLU for 2 day boot camp during 17-18 January 2019. In this bootcamp we will work with teams to create successful prototype and working solution which will be presented to final jury.

6) How many students from each school can take part?

There is no limit on participant from one school. Student can participate in a team of 2.

7) Why are you people organizing this challenge for 11th & 12th only? Why not from class 8th or 9th onwards?

Because we believe 11th & 12th students have better understanding of problems around them and they can create more aware solutions.

8) At the time of your PPT, don’t you think you should gift some stationary to students?

No, this is a competition, we are providing competition booklet which contain information of the competition. We will be providing knowledge and tools which will enable them for long time to come.

9) What topics you will cover in the PPT?

We will provide information about the JKLU innovation Challenge, including last year outcome, this year timeline, format and prize and benefit for students, school and mentors involved. If required we can again schedule more sessions on tools such as Design Thinking, Critical thinking, technological tools such as AI, IoT etc.

10) Why are you doing this and what is your benefit in it?

JKLU wants to become India’s most innovative University so whatever we do we have student focus at its core and innovation as theme. We want to popularize this theme in school education also, as JKLU believes that Primary education is the key stone on which higher education needs to build. SO we want to invest in primary education first.

11) Why to submit the idea before, shouldn’t we present it on the competition day?

Competition have participation of more than 13000 participants, so it is not logistically possible to have everyone present. However school can decide their top participants at school level.

12) Why do you want to interact with students? You can explain the PPT to our coordinator and they will explain the students?

We are fine with this. However we would like to have some participant from your schools so that they can be part of learning journey from tomorrow. We send out various mails which contain information and tools which can help them build their ideas. We would like a point of contact to share these information.


Jury Decision Project Name Awardee School Mentor
1st Prize Usage of Sound Technology to dissuade wild Animals from destroying Crops Riya Kataria The Shri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurgaon Anjali Sharma
2nd Prize Purification of Air from Algae Ravinder Bishnoi Kendriya Vidyalaya, Air Force Station, Jaisalmer Keshav Khandelwal
“Special Mention” Awards Effect of Light/Photo Pollution on  Plants, Animals, Humans and our Environment Mehul Sharma & Ayush Tiwari St. Anthony’s Sr. Secondary School, Udaipur Bhim Bahadur Chhetri
Smart Traffic Management – Ambulance/Emergency services Yavya Sharma St. Anthony’s Sr. Secondary School, Udaipur Bhim Bahadur Chhetri
Batteryless Electric Car Mahendra Kumar Mali & Shivam Verma Sant Shri Asharamji Gurukul, Motera, Gandhinagar, Gujarat Shishir Kumar Bhuyan
Innovative Campus Award Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School, Jaipur
Innovation Guru Awards Anjali Sharma
Keshav Khandelwal
Bhim Bahadur Chhetri
Shishir Kumar Bhuyan